General Service Policy

Message to our customers:

Globally, QSC has numerous authorized service centers well-positioned worldwide to support our customers who have purchased genuine QSC products from an authorized dealer.

QSC strongly encourages customers to purchase QSC products through authorized local channels in the region where the equipment will be used. Service and support options may vary based on the country where the customers purchased QSC Products.

QSC, its distributors, dealers and authorized service centers are under no obligation to perform warranty service on product that was purchased in other regions.  It is at the Distributor/Service Center’s discretion to provide warranty repair support if the product was purchased from other regions.

QSC recommends that you make your purchase of a new QSC Product from an AUTHORIZED DEALER. QSC Authorized Dealers are under agreement with QSC to provide a clearly defined, high level of service, support (before and after the sale) and product availability. QSC stands by its authorized dealer network in support of their efforts to provide you, the customer with the best possible purchase and ownership experience. Should you choose to purchase your new QSC Product from a non-authorized dealer, QSC may not be able to assist you should there be issues regarding your purchase experience.

This Policy may be modified by QSC at any time in its sole discretion, effective immediately.

Product Registration:

QSC encourages all customers worldwide to register their product with QSC.  Product registration will assist in warranty validation and proof of ownership in the event service is required. The following link will provide direct access to the Product Registration page:

Product Registration


Warranty Statement:

QSC provides competitive product warranties on most products.  To view the warranty statement, warranty exclusions, and freight responsibilities if service is required, please click on the following link:

Warranty Statement

Product registration and/or proof-of-purchase is required to verify warranty status.  If the customer is unable to provide proof-of-purchase and/or the product has not been registered with QSC, the warranty status of the unit will default to the manufacturing date in the serial number date code.  If the serial number has been tampered with and/or the age of the unit cannot be verified, the warranty will be considered void and the customer will be responsible for all fees assessed to repair the unit. 


Warranty exclusions:

QSC reserves the right to inspect and assess the condition of the returned product.  See QSC’s Warranty Statement for any Warranty Exclusions which might apply.


Service center options:

Service and repair for all QSC product is handled by QSC, LLC and a network of authorized Distributors and/or Service Centers, domestically and internationally which have been selected by QSC. 

A list of all authorized service partners (including International Distributor contacts) is available by following the link provided below:

Service Center Lookup

For QSC Factory Service, please see the “QSC Domestic Terms of Service” by following the link listed below.

QSC Domestic Terms of Service