E110 Reviews

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Dennison DeNatalie

from Bay Shore, New York
Audio Experience:
7 years in the audio industry, DJ/MC for the past 4 years.

A passive speaker that should be everyones first choice.

I've been a QSC product fan for years, since the initial QSC K Series was released. When they came out, I bought a bunch of them, and when the E series came out, I bought a bunch of them, and when K.2 came out, I bought a bunch of them. After seeing how QSC has performed through the rigors of the road for me, I couldn't help but to stock all of the things I needed with QSC products. The warranty is also unmatched. When I first heard the E series at DJ Expo of 2016, even in a less than ideal room setup, the E series made it clear that their goal was to deliver, no matter the situation. One of the first installations I did with my company was E series, and to this day, they are beat upon, and still perform like they are brand new. The E110's are no exception to this either, and the wood construction just ties this wonderful, versatile box, all together. Powerful enough to be a main in certain situations, a great delay fill, a great side fill, and they also make a great monitor.

Anthony DiDonato

from Charlotte, NC
Audio Experience:
15 years as a DJ, 50+ as a musician

QSC E110 passive speakers

Bought these to use use with a QSC RMX 1450 and Carvin DCM class AB power amps that I have and will continue to use! I run 80 hz and below to my Electrovoice EX 200-18 passive subwoofer/ mids and highs to the E110s. This is a great passive set up. The QSC E110s are a little heavy at 44 lbs. but the wood enclosure enhances the overall sound. They are crisp, clear and sound excellent! They will work extremely well in small to medium size venues. I also own QSC active K10.2s, CP8s, and a KS 118 subwoofer which also sound excellent. QSC may be a little pricey, but a worthy investment if you want the best!

Ben Bush

from Northeast Pennsylvania
Audio Experience:
Graduate of The Recording Workshop class of '98. 20 years sound experience. Owner of Studio 670.

Great for Monitors

Recently switch from K8.2 monitors to E110 with a PLD amplifier. Cost savings overall and still retained a great sound on the stage. Would recommend to anyone looking for a solid, great sounding passive speaker.

Eric H.

from Birmingham, AL
Audio Experience:
Have played in full bands and solo acoustic for about 20 years.

Best passive speakers on the market

I love the E110. I play mostly solo acoustic stuff, 3 piece at most and I wanted to downsize from my 15" cabs for transportation purposes but i was worried about the low end I could get from a 10". It's amazing how much low end and clarity these things have. I've pushed them a couple times and they didn't budge. Very happy with them. They angle on the cab makes them versatile because they can be used as monitors easily. Love the portability of the 10" speaker. Would definitely recommend.

Eric H.

from Birmingham, AL
Audio Experience:
Played in full bands, and solo for about 20 years.

Best passive 10" on the market

I love the E110. Amazing how much low end and clarity they can get out of a 10" speaker. I play mostly solo acoustic, or at most 3 piece. It's nice to not have to lug a set of 15" cabs around. They are small and sleek. The angle of the cab allows you to use easily as a main or a monitor. I could not be more happy. It's without a doubt the best passive speaker on the market.