EASE Software

EASE .GLL Data Files

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EASE Software

QSC's extensive loudspeaker portfolio is fully available in today's most common loudspeaker simulation platforms using .gll and .cf2 file formats.  Free viewers are available to access additional loudspeaker data such as polar balloons, polar plots, Di, and many other useful information too vast for a specification sheet.


The EASE GLL viewer is a free application that allows you to view EASE GLL files, run calculations and extract additional manufacturer information.

EASE Address

EASE Address is a software that allows the modeling of distributed loudspeaker systems in two dimensions.

EASE Focus 3

EASE Focus 3 is a three-dimensional, acoustic simulation software for the configuration and modeling of line array systems, digitally steered columns and conventional loudspeakers.

EASE Library

These .GLL files work across all three popular platforms; EASE Address, EASE Focus 2, and the full 3D modeling version of EASE 4.3.