L Class Firmware Updater

Hero view of the back of the LA108

All L Class products firmware updates are user-installable and take only a few minutes to complete. While the preferred method for updating your L Class products is to use the QSC SysNav App, there are certain cases where the L Class Firmware Updater App should be used:

  • To service and update L Class loudspeakers without using the SysNav App
  • If you need to update many L Class loudspeakers at the same time (more than 10 units)
  • To downgrade the L Class firmware to an earlier firmware version (not available yet)

QSC is committed to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Please make sure your L Class products are always running the latest firmware version available for each model.

L Class Firmware Updater

Version 1.1.0068 (9/19/2023)​

Release Notes